Innovative Digital Projects

We are a team of Internet aficionados with a profound passion for technology, innovation, and entrepreneurial endavors.

Let's make it happen - together!

At Profound Projects we conceptualise, design, develop, strategise, and market innovative digital and web-based projects that disrupt the status quo. Our profound projects go from ideation to realisation following lean development principles and best-of-breed examples.
Our Team

Profoundly talented people.

“Imagination is everything, it’s a preview of life’s coming attractions.” These words were once spoken by the iconic German theoretical physicist Albert Einstein and represent our company’s philosophy. If you can envision it, we can make it happen! Plain and simple.

At Profound Projects we are all about reimagining innovation; transforming ideas into practical solutions through innovation. We are committed to delivering excellence.

Boudino de Jong
Managing Director
Gino Jacobs
Managing Director
Nicolas Osorio
Head Project Management
Gerson Eleonora
Head Copywriter